These Terms and Conditions describe the basis of SmartCityPeople Services, and 
the responsibilities of their Registered Employers.
Employer registration with SmartCityPeople is free of charge
Permanent Vacancies
On registration with SmartCityPeople, as the appointed recruitment representative 
of the company, we agree that, in using the employer services of SmartCityPeople
to identify and appoint suitable Candidates, we will:
- Accept the Terms and Conditions of SmartCityPeople services set out here.
- Complete all required documentation and forms clearly, accurately, and honestly.
- Be able to verify any Employer and Vacancy details submitted.
- Allow SmartCityPeople to present Employment Opportunities 
(but not including any direct contact details), including a full job profile on their 
website at or on other job search engines on the Internet
under the name of SmartCityPeople.
- Interview selected Candidates within 15 days of receipt of resume.
- Communicate honestly and fairly on all aspects involving Candidate search, 
selection and appointment.
Not contact Candidates directly, without the full agreement of SmartCityPeople.
Confirm any acceptance of appointments with Candidates to both the Candidates 
and SmartCityPeople. Inform SmartCityPeople of any relevant information
concerning an interview, appointment, or future placement, or any other
information that may be of interest to 
SmartCityPeople in the fulfillment of their service to both Candidates and Employers.
- On selection and appointment of a suitable candidate, we will pay an amount equal
to twenty percent, or such other percentage as may be agreed, of the gross annual
cash compensation including guaranteed bonus or performance bonus plus VAT or
the one time minimum fixed fee of 25,000 Baht plus VAT, whichever is the greater.
The fee is due on the selection and appointment of any candidates introduced to the
Company as a result of the use of SmartCityPeople services. This is taken to mean
either the date the Candidate accepts the offer of employment from the Client or the
date of signing the Contract of Employment, whichever is earlier. Payment is due
seven days after receipt of invoice.

For permanent employees there is a 90 days guarantee period during which time 
SmartCityPeople will find a replacement, at no additional cost, if the Candidate
resigns or fails probation. Our guarantee is not valid in cases where the Client
Company does not honour or adhere to, or changes the candidates terms and
conditions, changes the candidates job title or description, changes office location
or places the candidate in a position other thanthat they were appointed to fill or
is affected by an economic downturn in its business. 
In the event that the Client instructs SmartCityPeople to stop searching for a
replacement, the replacement guarantee will remain valid for a further 180 days
after which it will expire. Guarantees are not transferable.
Temporary Vacancies 
- The process for registration, search and selection, interview arrangements,
and placement of candidates for temporary vacancies is exactly the same as for
permanent positions.
- The minimum contract period for temporary vacancies is 1 month. Thereafter
temporary contracts may continue in monthly increments.
- The charging structure for temporary placements is twenty-five percent 
of monthly salary plus VAT, reflecting skill levels and work experience of 
selected candidates, and subject to a minimum monthly charge of 2,500 baht
plus VAT.
- Should employers wish to recruit temporary candidates on a permanent basis, 
for the current contracted position, or any other position within the company or
associated companies, SmartCityPeople reserves the right to invoice the employer
for the full permanent placement fee. This condition will apply at anytime within
a 6 month period following termination of the temporary contract.
- * Employers are required to notify SmartCityPeople of candidate unsuitability, 
or failure to commence employment on the appointed day, within 24 hours 
of contract commencement.
Employers cannot contact candidates directly with an offer of employment, 
whether for permanent or temporary work, for a period of one year following 
the most recent date on which that candidate’s resume has been received. 
Any employment offers made by the Client to a Candidate, whether for permanent 
or temporary work, must be made through SmartCityPeople. Employment of any 
candidate in violation of the above, whether for permanent or temporary work, 
shall be deemed as having been made through SmartCityPeople. 
SmartCityPeople shall, in all such cases be entitled to charge employers a fee 
for said recruitment equal to that due to SmartCityPeople for placement of a permanent employee as per the terms outlined above.
Registered Employers are allocated a registration reference number (User ID) and
website password for secure, confidential internet access to register and update 
vacancies as well as edit company information, and SmartCityPeople will not divulge
employer details of name, address, telephone, or any other direct contact
information to any third party, without full Employer approval. Your acceptance
of these Terms and Conditions confirms your agreement to the above and approval
for company and vacancy information to be released to registered Candidates, at the
discretion of SmartCityPeople.

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